The world of social media can get a little overwhelming for small businesses trying to keep up with modern technology.  The biggest concerns I’m approached with are concerns of how much time is really takes to make each platform sing.  Truthfully, it does take time to create a strategy that targets your specific customers and reaches them with your story that will move them to action.  But there are some tools out there that can make this process much less time consuming.  Here are a few that I use everyday.

  1. Wordswag:

    I admit there is a small fee to download wordswag, but it makes creating images easy and fun.  I can take a photo from my phone and have it posted with great text overlays within minutes.  The $4 download is worth every penny for the amount of time saved using it.  The negative to this app is that it is for IOS users only at this point.

  2. Hootsuite:

    Hootsuite is great for scheduling out posts and monitoring your twitter, facebook, google+ and linkedin accounts.  I spend time at the beginning of each month and each week scheduling out posts.  It’s a huge time saver and can help you monitor several accounts without having to login to each site individually.

  3. Dropbox:

    Dropbox is great for multiple reasons.  I can share bigger files in folders that I can share with certain people.  I can also access my dropbox from my phone which allows me to share images and files from my computer to my phone seemlessly.  For those of you that love marketing with Instagram, but struggle to do things just from your phone, dropbox makes life a bit easier.

Try some of these options out and see how they work for you!


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3 Social Media Tools that I Use Everyday (at little or no cost)
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