For most people that follow you on Instagram, the first thing they will see is your profile.  First impressions are huge, and online is no different.  So what impression is your business making?

Your  name.  Your name should be your name, whether that is your first and last name or your business name.  Don’t get caught up in using different spellings, special characters or needless abbreviations.

You can, however, go a step beyond your name.  Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers search queries.  For that reason, consider putting a word after your name that describes your specialty.  For example,  Jason Buraski – Builder.  If a customer types in a keyword that is also included in your Name and/or username, your chances of being found go up!  Win!

Your username.  Once again, your name and username are the only searchable criteria in Instagram, so consider using a keyword in your username.

Your Bio.  What is your story?  You have 150 characters to tell your customers who you are and what makes you unique.  Be descriptive, use keywords and have fun with it!

Instagram is different from every other social media platform.  People are attracted to images, and with this you are granted a look into people’s lives through their photos.  There is an intimacy and fun aspect of Instagram that no other social media site has.  Take advantage of this in your bio!  Your Instagram bio will be different than the bios you have for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Include keywords, but know your audience and keep it more playful.

Although you do want to describe yourself, I don’t recommend using hashtags in your bio.  They are not clickable and they cannot help your search.  Be sure to space out your bio.  For iphone users, I recommend writing your bio in notepad and then copying it and pasting it into Instagram.  This will allow you to get the spacing you want that you can’t achieve in the program itself on an iphone.

Your website.  Now on to what is clickable…your website.  The website link in your bio is the ONLY link that you have on Instagram.  You will want to use this space wisely.  When putting together you profile, certainly include your main website URL.  As you get more comfortable with Instagram, consider using this website location for promotional purposes.

For example, if you would like to run a contest and you’d like to send people to a link.  You can put in the photo description: “Enter the contest by clicking on the link in our bio.”

Now you can pull customers in with your Instagram profile.  With a little time and a little effort, you can attract new customers and increase your sales!


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Create an Instagram Profile that will Ignite Followers
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