Are Facebook Likes Important?When facebook fan pages came about, there was a heavy importance set on the number of fans you had for your page.  This created an influx of marketers selling page “likes”.  Fast forward to 2015, and the philosophy of this has changed quite a bit.  Just like any other medium, quality leads are much more important than quantity.  One good lead can generate more income than 40 bad leads as we all know.

The question remains with organic reach fading to a mere 4%-10% on posts, are Facebook “likes” important?  The answer is simply “yes”.  By a user saying they “like” your business, they are separating themselves from the pack.  They are no longer grouped into the masses.  They are putting themselves into a defined category that you can now target.  You may not have the ability to reach them organically as easily as once was the case, but you can indeed target them.

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Facebook: Are likes important?
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