How to Create Beautiful Shareable GraphicsVisual marketing is now more important than ever to gain exposure and be seen in our content overloaded online experience.  To get your posts shared, retweeted, pinned and liked you need to grab your audience’s attention with more than just text.  On Facebook alone, photos accounted for 87% of interaction compared to a mere 4% of interaction on any other type of post.  Crazy statistic huh?

For the small businesses that can’t afford or really have no need for the premier photo editing softawre (although I would highly recommend photoshop to anyone because it’s amazing!), there are ways to create unique shareable graphics directly from your phone or desktop.  Enter one of the best apps out there for text overlays, Wordswag.  Wordswag is an IOS app that allows you to overlay text in various forms of typography over stock images or ones that you have taken.  It’s perfect for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to upload right from your phone.

Android users, don’t fret.  Font Candy – Typography Photo Editor is here to the rescue.  The app works differently from Wordswag, but it has a lot of great features and text overlays are just the beginning of what it can do.  For users on the go at conferences or those utilizing the power of Instagram, these apps become necessary to make your visuals stand out among the rest.

For desktop users, I highly recommend Canva.  Canva is an amazing free tool that allows users to create graphics ideal for sharing online.  It offers a large array of stock images and templates to create visual eye candy for all social media platforms.  The beauty of Canva is that you start your project from artboards that sized perfectly for what you are designing.  Whether you are creating an email header, a facebook ad or an Instagram image, Canva takes the guess work out of knowing the different image sizes for every platform.

As you amp up your visual marketing, test out some of these tools to help you create beautiful shareable images!


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How to Create Beautiful Shareable Images
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