Google Plus is the sleep social media platform.  With the rise of gmail (over 425 million users now on gmail) and nearly 25% of those users are accessing their account during work hours, this is a platform that is growing like crazy.  Every gmail user automatically has a Google+ account, and many of those users are now starting to engage with this platform.  In fact, Google+ is the second largest social media platform in the world.  So why should your business be on it?

  1. Google Plus is a great place to network. It is a truly unique platform that has communities of people with the same interests as you sharing ideas and information across Google+.  Get in the action!  You can add people to your circles (Google’s language for connecting to them), engage in the communities and share your content.
  2. Sharing your content is such an important part of Google + because you reap huge rewards! Google Search is the most used search engine in the world.  As we all know, we want our business to show up high on the list when something related to our business is “Googled”.  Well, Google is no dumbie.  They want you to use their social media platform, and those that do are rewarded in their search engine results.  That kind of a big deal.  With a little time, you can get your SEO up immediately.
  3. Google + gets you on the map…literally. By signing up for Google Pages which is Google + for businesses, your business location is now included on Google maps.  For those brick and mortar businesses, it is a huge advantage for someone to search your business and come up with your address, phone number and website with a simple search.  Google Pages puts you ahead of the game.  Additionally, Google Pages allows customers to write reviews and leave ratings that, again, are put in the Google search engine wheel house.
  4. Google Plus hangouts are one of the best live streaming software out there. When Google took over YouTube, this created a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this awesome platform.  Google Hangouts allow users to stream video, offer webinars and more.  One of the best perks: once we end your broadcast, your video is uploaded automatically to YouTube.  For those of you who go through the process of rendering your video and uploading it, you know the value of this simplicity.
  5. YouTube and Google + work together. If you active on YouTube, you are actually active on Google+.  Because these two networks are tied together, when you post videos to YouTube, you are getting regular content posting to Google+.
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Top 5 Reasons to use Google+
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