If you are making an effort to market your business on any number of social media platforms, you know that REACH (impressions) is something often spoken about.   Let’s go a step further, and talk about RELIABLE REACH.  To put it simply, is your message that you are putting out there really getting to your customers?  We know on Facebook that a single post may only be seen by 10% or less of your fans.  Realistically, that reach is simply not reliable.

How can we directly reach our fans on social media?  Direct Message on Instagram is certainly something to consider.

What exactly is a Direct Message on Instagram?  A direct message is a private message that can be sent to  an individual or up to 15 individuals in a single post.   It allows you, as a marketer, to get the attention of targeted individuals in a message that recipients will stop and take a look at.  The benefits of this are enormous!

  • Direct Message notifications are located in a different spot that other notifications on Instagram, so the recipient is inclined to view the direct message
  • You have a longer attention span for Calls to Action

This is truly RELIABLE REACH when you know a fan will check this message.  It creates a great opportunity to connect with your fans on a more personal level.   For example, maybe you have a new ebook that you are giving away.  You can send you direct message with an image of the ebook, “I think you will like this ebook!  Click the link in my profile for the download.”

So what exactly can you offer in a Direct Message?

  • Exclusive offers and discounts
    Direct Message is a great opportunity to give fans an exclusive offers and discount. Fans appreciate the extra effort and you will have a longer attention span to spur an action.
  • Ask for testimonials
    This is a great vehicle to ask for testimonials. Did you offer a fun event last weekend that you want some buzz about?  Ask your fans for a testimonial.  When asking via a platform that people use often and are comfortable with, your response rate may go way up to these types of questions.
  • Network with people you want to work with
    Are you following some businesses or people you would like to work with?  Can’t get them to respond to your emails?  Try sending them a direct message on Instagram.  Again, when people are comfortable with a platform, they may respond differently than through email or phone.
  • CTA to grow your email list
    Have you ever considered sending a direct message to ask someone to subscribe to your email list? There are a couple of ways to do this, either by asking them to text their email address to a number or to click the link in your bio to sign up.  Either way is very successful and a more personal way to ask!

Think of direct message as your vehicle to RELIABLE REACH.  Don’t let direct message be outside of your virtual box.

Your turn.

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Utilizing Direct Message to Capture your Audience on Instagram

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